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I created Living With Heart for people who have experienced a radical, life-changing adversity and are looking for support as they make their way through their healing. A devastating adversity has the power to shatter your life. The immense power of the human spirit gives you the ability to put it back together again. No, it can’t ever be as it was. Yes, it can take shape in another way that is new and good.

Many people who go through this kind of adversity think of it as a dividing line between life before and life after. These pages set out and explain all the parts of the journey that ultimately lead to the healing of this divide and bring you closer to wholeness and a unified life lived in the now. The difficult parts begin with adversity and the loss it brings. Grief then follows and you find yourself launched into transition whether you want to go or not. Consciously engaging in the process of renewal, creating meaning and having the needed support are the parts that gradually lift you up and move you forward.

Coming back from adversity can be the challenge of a lifetime, but it is one that is met again and again as our human resilience rises up and surprises us. To help that along most people on this journey look for support and connection, solace and hope. A little inspiration along the way always helps too. I hope you find all that here.  Be sure to visit my blog too where you will find topics related to transition, healing, and restoration and re- creation of your life and your self. Welcome to Living With Heart!