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A blog about healing from radical adversity

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.” ~ Desmond Tutu

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As part of your healing process you may find yourself being drawn to things like affirmations and motivational messages. You notice them. You pay attention to them. You seek them out. You buy the little book of daily affirmations. You sign up to get a motivational message sent to your email every day. You cut out each inspirational anecdote you come across and stick it in your scrapbook.

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The constant movement of our world doesn’t allow much time to pause when someone we have loved dies.  When my mother left this earth, there was a lot to be done and circumstances being what they were, we had to get right to it.  My brother and his partner at the time... read more


When I was 24 years old life as I knew it suddenly and drastically changed. Over the course of three days I slowly became paralyzed and lost consciousness. It was July on the Canada Day long weekend, a time to have fun and celebrate my country’s birthday. I had just... read more


I had weathered a bad dream and survived my first night in GF Strong Rehab Centre.  I had come from six weeks in an acute care hospital and now found myself in a new place I did not know or understand.  There were new routines, new protocols and new rules I knew... read more


I grew up in a simple house with a big yard. Yards aren’t so important anymore. Kids don’t play outside much and where I live old houses are taken down and new ones are built that are all house, no yard.

Our yard was my mother’s favourite playground. Over the decades I watched her turn it into a garden so glorious it radiated her life energy out into the streets. People walking up and down would stop and comment, beaming back the joy in their smiles. It was by no means a seriously coiffed garden – far too stuffy! It was semi-cultivated and landscaped according to designs that perpetually evolved in her head. It was a collection of birthday and Mothers’ Day shrubs, vines and flowers, plant sale bargains, and many a reject from garden shop bins she investigated on her way back from the grocery store.

Birds loved that garden – lots of birds – blue jays, chickadees, bush tits, flickers, robins, sparrows, towhees and all the others I don’t know. And hummingbirds! All those hummingbirds zipping around here, there and everywhere. It was a magnificent 100 room palace for that co-operative and robust community! Over the years I spent many an enjoyable Sunday afternoon on the deck looking across the garden at the view of the inlet and its unceasing activity. One day the birds caught my attention and suddenly I became acutely aware of their presence. There were so many and they were so busy!

I thought about them after my mother died…

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After a particularly devastating loss it can be very, very hard to let go.  But if you can ease into loosening your grip on what used to be, bit by bit, at your own pace, in your own way, you give the memories room to expand into all the love that’s in them and they... read more


You can learn a lot from the death of someone you love but you have to be open to it.  The finality of death can literally shock your system so you have to heal that first.  That shock is something you can never understand even remotely until you have experienced it. ... read more


Life altering events can be difficult at the best of times. Even when we anticipate them, look forward to them and plan for them, it can still be challenging when they roll out.  What about when something happens that permanently changes life in ways you would never... read more

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