Healing | Living With Heart: Loss Grief Transition Renewal Meaning Support


Healing is a journey of renewal – of body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. It can be a long, winding, convoluted road but no matter how hard it gets or how many gullies there are along the way, that road is taking you up the mountain. The farther up you go, the closer you get to a fresh, clear view of your cherished life!

Renewal is a process that takes place over time and it requires your active participation!  Time alone does not heal all wounds. Healing isn’t done to you; it’s something you do for yourself with the support of others to help you along your way.

In this section I talk about what happens as renewal takes place as well as two of the most fundamental ingredients of healing:  creating meaning and finding the support you need.  Without these, renewal struggles to fully bloom! Follow the links to learn more.

Water lily covered in water droplets