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All of us need inspiration! It’s that invisible spark that lights up our imagination and motivates us to make our dreams come true. Its energy can come upon us in a burst of raw power or it can gently enter our hearts in whispers. It can be ignited anywhere, by anything, in any circumstance. Whether it is set off by something obvious or whether it comes from the mysterious realm of the unseen, inspiration gets us moving toward the change we want to bring to our lives.

For the first seeds of inspiration to take root and grow they need to be nurtured with care. When they come upon you and you feel their beautiful uplift of energy, no matter how subtle, hold onto it and look for whatever is needed to help it flourish. If it fizzles out or you lose hold of it along the healing path, don’t despair, another spark will come; the source is limitless.

In this section there may be inspiration for you in the wise words of others, articles I’ve written, and the book list I have compiled over the years. Whether the spark has been ignited in you already or you are looking for something to make that happen, follow the links to see if inspiration is waiting to reveal itself to you!

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