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Hello and welcome to my blog!  Adversity is a universal experience that we will all encounter numerous times. Many of us will experience at least one event along the way that radically alters life and significantly shapes who we are and who we become. These extreme adversities shatter our worlds and strip away everything we know, but they can raise us up higher and give more back to us than we ever imagined possible.  It all depends on what we do with them!

I am passionate about unity and have always believed that what we have in common is much stronger than what makes us different. Our experiences and the ideas, attitudes and beliefs that grow out of them may differ, but we are united as a human family by our needs, from basic to deep, and our human qualities like our capacity for empathy and compassion. We are drawn together by these things, especially in times of crisis.

Your life may have been affected by a completely different adversity than mine was but our human commonalities make it possible for us to learn from each other. An illness and the disability that resulted from it was what changed my life. For you it may have been something like a death or a divorce. No matter what it was, we all have to pass through the same doors in order to heal. Grieving, finding meaning and forgiving are just a few of them.  Although our travel diaries will be different, we are all on the same journey.

I recognize that people all have their own paths and processes and it is not my goal to “teach” anyone the “how to’s” of getting through life’s greatest challenges.  My intent for this blog is to share the learning and insight I have gained from my experience that was helpful to me in adjusting to a new and different life.  It’s my hope that it, along with its companion website, Living with Heart, give you sustenance for your soul when the journey seems too long and too hard.

Proceed with kindness, toward yourself and others, and remember, when you encounter a life-changing adversity, you are the one who gets to decide what you want your life to be and you are the one in charge of making it so, no matter what comes your way.


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